State House for the 66th District: Kerith Strano Taylor

qZnKwSNeKerith owns her own law firm where she lives in Brookville, where she was born and raised.  She has a record throughout the Commonwealth as a champion for children and families.  As a member of the Brookville Area School Board, Kerith has experience as an elected official.  Her issues focus on: bringing good jobs, training and preparing our youth for tomorrow’s economy, and making our communities healthier.  Learn more about Kerith Strano Taylor.


House of Representative for the 15th District: Susan Boser

BoserImage_1“I’m running because government can and should find solutions to grow the rural economy. The answer to the problems we experience here begins with economic development. Our local governments need Congress to create conditions that allow small businesses to thrive,” Boser says.  Boser believes in government action that promotes strong families and prosperous businesses and is deeply concerned about the opioid crisis.  Learn more about Susan Boser.


Governor of PA: Tom Wolf

In November of 2014, Tom was elected Governor of Pennsylvania.  The first thing Tom wolf-flagdid as governor was to declare that he wouldn’t accept a salary or a pension, banned his administration from accepting gifts, reformed legal contracting to end the pay-to-play culture in Harrisburg, and made his daily schedule available to the public.  Tom invested more in education at all levels than any governor before him.  Tom is also dedicated to ensuring that Pennsylvanians have access to quality and affordable health care.  To protect our seniors, Tom has increased opportunities for older Pennsylvanians to remain in their homes, stood up to Donald Trump’s proposed “age tax” on insurance, and has saved more than 180,000 seniors from losing their Medicare Advantage health plans.  Learn more about Tom Wolf.

Lt. Governor of PA: John Fetterman

downloadJohn Fetterman has been serving as mayor of Braddock, Pa.  Health coverage for millions of Pennsylvanians is at risk, and women’s rights are under attack. Too many communities are being poisoned by polluters, and too many workers are stuck trying to raise a family on a $7.25 minimum wage.  He particularly believes in bringing positive economic development back to places that have been forgotten.  John will be working on those issues for all of Pa as he has been at work in Braddock.  Learn more about John Fetterman.


US Senate: Bob Casey

Bob-Casey-1-268x300From legislation cracking down on terrorists’ financing to a law that makes it easier for small businesses to expand, Bob has a wide range of accomplishments for the people of Pennsylvania. He knows that too many families have been left behind, and is committed to bringing good jobs to Pennsylvania and to raising wages.  Investments in learners — from toddlers through college and technical students — are critical to the success of our families and our economy. Bob is committed to making sure every student, at every age, has access to a quality education that will set them up for successful careers.  Learn more about Bob Casey.